Sunday Reflection . . . Childlikeness


You do not have to be a child to have childlikeness.
True childlikeness is a characteristic of purity,
and this the human being can cultivate in himself
at any age, just by wanting.

Childlikeness brightens the environment and enlivens life,
makes thinking simple, and clarifies intuition.
And it still makes us live fully in the present.







Text & image source: The Day Without Tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection . . . Childlikeness

  1. Age knows no numbers. As long as you possess the thrill of discovery you stay young always.
    Thank you for your support on I will have to make it a point to read yours more frequently.

    Paulette L. Motzko



    “I am so glad the sky is blue
    And that the grass is green
    With lots and lots of lovely things
    All sandwiched in between.”

    And any time I really look
    There’s more than I expect
    And one more reason to treat this place
    With wide-eyed wonder and respect.

    – Ben Naga


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