Winged Jewels . . . Peahens and Peachicks


“The duller plumage of the peahens also works in their favour as it makes them much harder to spot in the jungle when they are nesting. The peahen makes a shallow hole in the scrub and will lay a clutch of four to eight eggs. The UWA hens have laid as few as one and as many as five. They don’t lay them all at the same time. They will lay one or two and come back on another day to lay more. Once the hen feels she has laid enough, she will start to nest properly. The heat from her body “strikes” the eggs and starts the chick-growing process so that regardless of which day they were laid, all of the chicks will hatch at the same time.*

The incubation time for the eggs is approximately 28 days. After the chicks have hatched, the mother will lead them away from the nest as the egg shells attract predators. Peachicks are able to fly within a couple of days of hatching, although not to a great height. At night, they tuck themselves under their mother’s wings to sleep.”

~(uwapeacocks. net)




Text & image source: The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees


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