Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth)



April 18 is the birth anniversary of Abd-ru-shin, an Envoy of the Light and author of “In The Light Of Truth” The Grail Message! We join all those who recognize His identity and are conscious of the spiritual significance of His birth in actively experiencing the Grace bestowed on mankind by the event.
Abd- ru –shin pursued His Mission with total but humane commitment. A strict opponent of any kind of sectarianism and dogma, He forbade any undue personal attention or personality-cult. His constant admonition was “Heed the message, not the bringer.” However, since the day is about Him, we are reproducing a brief biography by the publishers of The Grail Message:

“His civil name is Oskar Ernst Bernhardt. He was born in Bischofswerda, Saxony, on 18th April 1875.
In 1919 he became conscious of his task to open the way for a new Knowledge of Creation. For this purpose…

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Abd-ru-shin and The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth)

  1. Hey Purp! Your mission is on fire! How do you ever keep up with what is happening so far flung over our globe and keep the ball rolling… is a mystery for the ages. I hadn’t stopped, or rather, taken time to do anything much on the net except travel to my blog, which really is not a blog but a place I know exists where I work out solutions to whatever ails my mass consciousness . I rarely tag if ever.The work I put down is used by educators in a program overseas but what and how and why I don’t know. I don’t care. Now … I was a baby in Germany arriving from the states. My father was occupation. I need to speak to you at length in the future because I just read something about the Grail Message which I hadn’t even heard of before. Either God is a big jokester (which she is) or I … well …even after reading a few paragraphs here and there I felt I knew Oskar … let’s speak soon … or not. PS I just adore your color palette – oh my.


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