High recognitions . . . The physical body of the Redeemer


At this time of year, Christians celebrate Easter with the physical resurrection of Jesus as being one of main doctrines of the religion of Christianity. The reality is however that the “Resurrection” of Jesus was a Natural Process NOT a miracle.

The “real” person is not the physical body but the spirit within.

Simply put the the ethereal body of Jesus passed on to the other side due to the execution/murder of his physical body.

It was the ethereal body of the Risen Christ that the disciples and other blessed ones were able to see.. …

If an earthly gross material body was able ascend into a higher realm of another world then by the same logic the earthly body could also DESCEND to the earth without having to go through the process of a earthly birth.
Such things are impossible and against the perfect Natural Laws that govern existence.

“The physical body of the Redeemer followed the same course as every other physical body has to follow in accordance with the Natural Laws of the Creator.”
– quote from The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” http://www.grailmessage.com





Image & text source:Return To Eden https://web.facebook.com/SpiritualTruths/

14 thoughts on “High recognitions . . . The physical body of the Redeemer

    • Exactly; also after resurrection he could pass through walls and closed doors,
      he could walk and discuss with his disciples on the road to Emmaus unrecognized!
      Could that have been the familiar physical body he used before the crucifixion?

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      • I ask because of a journey I had…I was shown ‘death’, and within it I ‘felt’ that perfect state of unconditional love. I had released my body and had reached a balance with the spirit within. Everything changed, to such a degree that time changed, my perceptions of life changed…to the point that I could ‘see’ that as we go through life, and the more we faced our fears, the more balanced we become to our spirits within. And the more we open to our spirit within, and move through life with that integrity, the more we balance with that unconditional love.
        Can we reach that stage while within the body? I think not, that is why we die. We have achieved a balance by understanding that self love in our journey…it is through that journey ‘down here’ that we understand what unconditional love ‘up there’ is. One is required to find the other, like knowing sadness so that we can understand and appreciate happiness all the more because of it. And like everything else down here shows us, so that when we die, we will appreciate all the more what has been experienced down here. As above, so below.
        Great post, it was something I needed to ‘see’ and understand, and most certainly the day to do it on this day of His resurrection :D


      • The purpose of the resurrection was two fold: to prove that Jesus is who He says He is to the disbelievers of the sects of the day. then to show the truth Jesus was crucified and God turned His back on His Son during the crucifixion at which point Jesus asked “Why have you forsaken me?” God didn’t raise His Son from the dead, although I’m quite sure He wanted to. But Jesus proved Himself by being able to do it alone.” Second point, the crucifixion and resurrection were essential to God’s plan for reconciliation with humanity. Why that was the purpose I can’t say, unless it was to exemplify the value and importance of life, which is what we are offered in eternity in lieu of suffering. The whole process was for you and for me. Perhaps you don’t know that the Law of Moses offered no forgiveness. To take its place the priests offered by God’s command a sacrifice (of blood) once a year for forgiveness (again by God’s command) and their sins were ‘rolled forward’ for another year. Later, after the resurrection and ascension God sent the Holy Spirit to us to guide and teach us, but also to comfort us in time of sorrow. Now that we have a new law under the New Covenant that is referred to many times in Scripture as the Law of Love we are not bound by the the laws under the Old Covenant which is not to say that the Old is no longer of extreme value to us as Christians. It helps us to know of the Jewish traditions and Laws and how they relate to Christianity. For instance about this situation, God says that the Christian’s belief in His Son proves or completes the Jews belief in Abraham’s promise that a Messiah would come and their sins would be forgiven in retrospect. On the other hand we can go to the Father as often we like and Jesus continues His role for our benefit be serving as out advocate to the Father. He experienced what we experience except without sin. So this will be taken into consideration when we stand before the throne of God. I would think carefully before I would say that He isn’t what He says He is.


        • Not necessarily ‘purification’ but ‘ acclimatization’.
          Every departed spirit needs time to acclimatize and master the use of the ethereal body.
          I many cases, friends and relatives in the beyond volunteer to assist and speed up the process.
          In the case of the Son of God Jesus, the immense Power streaming through Him now unrestrained by the physical body,
          would have been harmful to any earthling.
          It was only after he was “adequately acclimatized” that he could allow Thomas to ‘feel’ his scars.

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          • Thank you for that explanation. Spirit has not shown me that ‘side’ so to speak. I was curious because for my explanation from spirit about unconditional love, its power was so immense and i don’t think the human form could absorb it without causing damage. Mind you, over time like we do with all our other understanding as we stand in each new awareness, we may be able to ‘touch’ it. I have ‘touched’ it twice, but I wasn’t in my body at the time and the feeling that it left after the first time was so elevated that i couldn’t function ‘back here’ properly. Mind you, that was a long time ago when I first stepped into my spirituality.
            Again, thank you, I do appreciate your giving of your understanding :D


        • Where do you find this question? I have looked in all four of the gospels without finding such a question. I did find in Luke 24:16 that He wasn’t recognized on the road to Emmaus because He prevented their eyes from recognizing Him and in Luke 24:22 He took the bread, broke it and blessed it at which point their eyes were opened and He vanished, 24:31; and Mark 16:12 He refers to the two on the road where it reveals that He “appeared in a different form” which would have been the physical form. I do remember something regarding such an incident when He told someone that He had not yet ascended to the Father, but I can neither find it nor remember the circumstances. If you know where to find this I would appreciate it if you would share that with me. Thanks.


          • Please read: John 20:16-17King James Version (KJV)

            16 Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.

            17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

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