In A Vase On Monday – Snowdrops

Eliza Waters

As you can see, we still have snow! Four inches of ‘mixed’ precipitation fell on Friday into Saturday as Mother Nature played her April Fool’s joke. However, it is melting rapidly on this sunny day, where our high is 47F (8C). While this may not sound warm to many of you, it is downright balmy to us!

Placed into the mushy snow on the deck railing, I’ve filled my little pineapple vase with snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis), and surrounded them with oak leaves that sheltered them as they emerged. The snowy garden in the background attests to what remains. Below right is a photo taken of the back yard during the storm:

Years ago, I planted snowdrops next to the front foundation and porch, where the spring sun melts the snow the earliest. As you can see by the nearby icy mound of snow, they definitely earn their name.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In the Garden, who…

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