…Beautiful BEing!


Breathing in this moment…Beautiful BEing!
“but BEing time is never wasted time.
When we are BEing, not only are we collaborating with chronological time,
but we are touching on kairos, and are freed
from the normal restrictions of time.”

~Madeleine L’Engle







Text & image source: Rest in the Arms of Angels https://web.facebook.com/Rest-in-the-Arms-of-Angels-164081253667227/


One thought on “…Beautiful BEing!

  1. Beautiful and profound. Shakespeare asked, “To Be or not to Be” Its a common question asked in many forms. We are seekers searching for our place unrestrained by space and time. Being both physical and spiritual beings we can connect with God himself. Who is perfect “Being” in and of himself unrestrained by space, time and the physical world. Thanks!


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