At the Swan Lake . . . enjoy the side you see.


At last it is calm at the lake.
No more romping, splashing and loud delightful noises of humans!
“It is nightfall and they have also gone to roost”… so thought Mirabelle the dainty Swan maiden.

“Humans” murmured the maiden,“ What care and love they show to each other; how, like gallant knights, they watch over their young ones; …and what uplifting energies stream through and from them when they sit in quiet reflection and meditation; do they not seem like the vortex of light rays when they lift up their gaze to the Most High?”
“Humans” concluded Mirabelle,“ How glorious it must be to live in their realms.”

“Oh Mirabelle” exclaimed the Venerable Swan Lady, “you have only seen humans when they are with their friends and loved ones, in moments of sober reflection and worship; in short, only when their souls come to play. Never an angel so resplendent like humans at such times” and after pausing to catch her breath:

“But, you have not seen them in their realms, in everyday life, when they are preoccupied by the acquisition of wealth , power, and other base propensities ; in short, when their dark ego comes to play! Even Lucifer, the Dark One, is outclassed by their deviousness at such moments”

“Mirabelle, my fair maiden, let us be content with the side of humans at the Lake and leave it at that!”




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