It’s just the cowgirl way


“It’s just the cowgirl way

A cowgirl doesn’t need to know celebrity fads or designer trends

she doesn’t catch up with the latest gossip, while sipping cappuccino with her friends

There is no thought of aerobic classes or going to the gym

cause she makes every minute of daylight count, while working on her dream

……….it’s just the cowgirl way

…A cowgirl knows that someday soon, that payday will arrive,

but she’ll put the money back in the farm, just to keep her dreams alive.

All the heartache, sweat and calloused hands, will be looked upon with pride,

she’ll pull on her favorite boots and jeans, and find peace by going for a ride.

………….it’s just the cowgirl way.”

~Cow Girl Chaplain





Artist~Bob Byerley
Text & image source: Rest in the Arms of Angels


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