#Sunday reflections . . . Love thy neighbour


“Love thy neighbour as thyself.” – Jesus. –


“These words are the key to freedom, the secret of success in ascent.
Because it is an irrefutable truth that what you do for your neighbour, you do in reality for yourself, as all returns to you.
Whether good or bad, whether here or hereafter, reaction will come in obedience to the eternal law.
Thus you are shown the simplest of ways to practise good-will:
you are to prove your love by serving your neighbour.
You are to serve him according to your special qualities.
We are not necessarily concerned here with money or goods, for in that case the poor would not be able to give.
Your love and service will show itself in the voluntary consideration and respect for your neighbour and in the help you afford him to change his course and ascend.
You are to be a source of strength to him and this is what Jesus meant.
The reaction of this loving service will in turn quickly uplift you.
You will continually be reinforced with new strength to speed you on your way to the Light.”

– Abdruschin. – In The Light of Truth (The Grail Message)






Text & image source: Obinna Magnobi https://web.facebook.com/obinna.magnobi


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