Abd-ru-shin goes Home!


Abd-ru-shin, the author of “In The Light of Truth” (The Grail Message), departed earth life on the 6th of December, 1941! Once again the Darkness succeeded in curtailing the work of an Envoy of the Light and forced a premature departure!
Epochal events were unfolding in all the spheres and found earthly actors and theatre in Adolf Hitler, the German people and World Wars 1 & 2! Matters came to boiling-point when a popular movement to heal bruised German psyche took a devious ideological/esoteric curve and fanned the embers of hate, revenge, superiority complex and the lust for power.
Pure concepts were twisted to achieve the sole purpose of earthly domination and control: The Third Reich which was meant to be the foundation and fulfillment of prophesies for a new worldwide ‘nation’ of spiritually emancipated human beings was mistaken for a territorial Kingdom under one government and brutally prosecuted as a German Reich. Religious, philosophical and spiritual endeavors were persecuted and proscribed unless they allied with and praised the totalitarian regime. You either hailed the Fuehrer as God-sent or, you had death at your very door step!
Abd-ru-shin was born in Bischofswerda, Germany on 18th April 1875. Bearing the civil name Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, he started with a business career which he later abandoned and became a well-traveled writer, playwright and journalist!
At the ripe moment, he entered into his Mission: “to bring the Truth to mankind from out of the Holy Grail”! From then, he took on his Creation name, Abd-ru-shin meaning, Son of The Light! With time, he moved with his family to the picturesque mountain plateau Vomperberg in Tyrol, Austria where he established his permanent place of abode generally called The Grail Settlement! Completely non-political, he declared his aim:

“My aim is a spiritual nature!
But I bring no new religion, I do not wish to found either a new church, or any sect. Rather, in all simplicity, I give a clear picture of the automatic working of Creation, which bears the Will of God, and from which man can clearly recognize what ways are good for him.”

In spite of this declaration and his diligent efforts in spreading the New Knowledge peacefully, ethically and shunning personal accolade, regime hostility against him was relentless! They made life for him a living hell!
His assets were confiscated and the Settlement converted to a military training facility! He was prohibited from publishing, and any existing material banned and impounded! Serially arrested, interrogated and imprisoned, he was finally exiled to Germany and prohibited from setting foot on Austria! Under the constant surveillance of the Gestapo as ‘an enemy of the State’, his contact with visitors and the outside world was reduced to the barest necessity!

Abd-ru-shin was ‘neutralized’! His foes rejoiced; erstwhile friends and loyalists abandoned him and the Cause. They either privately denounced any links with him or, openly teamed up with the regime to persecute him. Jesus had one Peter and one Judas but, Abd-ru-shin had a multitude of denials and betrayals! Deserted, rejected and misunderstood he struggled on until he gave up the ghost at the age of 66!
Just when Abd-ru-shin’s Mission seemed to have been rendered ineffective, his Legacy, The Grail Message surfaced like the golden beams of the morning sun after a dark, sultry night! It survived not as a second-hand writing by adherents but, as a spiritual masterpiece written and approved by him in person!
A few years after his death, his family reclaimed his estate and together with the few remaining loyal friends started a new up-building in spreading of the Message which gradually expanded to become today’s blossoming global movement!
As usual, The Light had the last laugh!
Abd-ru-shin’s Legacy – The Grail Message – lives on!




Photo Credit: http://www.svitanie.sk/album/trigon/abduschin-jpg/
P S:  A repost on Purplerays!

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