Chinese Old Blush Rose – the first East Asian rose cultivar to reach Europe

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Chinese Old Blush Rose

Chinese Old Blush Rose

Rosa ‘Old Blush’, also known as ‘Parsons’ Pink China’, ‘Old Blush China’, ‘Old China Monthly’ etc., is a China rose derived from Rosa chinesis, and is generally accepted as the first East Asian rose cultivar to reach Europe. It is recorded in Denmark in 1752 and England in 1793, but was probably cultivated in China for several centuries

‘Old Blush’ has light silvery pink semi-double flowers of medium size, that darken as they age. They have a light to strong tea fragrance, a cupped to flat bloom form, and an average diameter of 7 centimeters (2.8 in).The red buds appear in clusters almost continuously from early June to the first frost – in warmer regions even throughout the year, and can develop to small, red rose hips.

The shrub has an arching from, few prickles and mid-green leaves that have a crimson color when young. It…

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Old Blush Rose – the first East Asian rose cultivar to reach Europe

  1. The really cool thing about the china roses is that they are what the Europeans used to create repeat bloomers out of many of their once only blooming roses. I have several Old Blush bushes in my yard along with Ducher (a rare white blooming China rose) among other varieties. It’s historically important that people plant and keep these ancient and historically important roses alive. Another thing that I find fascinating is that many were brought to Europe by being moved from one monastery garden to another during the crusades. Another important rose historically is the Apothecary Rose(Rosa Gallica). Though it only blooms once, it is one of the oldest of roses and was used for centuries in the potions by many a healer . The Apothecary Rose is actually mentioned in Shakespeare’s play, ROMEO AND JULIET. The character Friar Laurence grew them to use in potions he conjured up at the monastery in Verona where the drama is set. :) <3


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