Happy New Month of October



Welcome to the season of Thanksgiving and festivities!
Welcome to the birthstones tourmaline and opal and the birth flower calendula.
Above all, welcome to the period of attenuating Veils and permeable Layers!
Like we once said:
“Through Luminous guidance, we now know that the days and nights of the transition of October to November are specially “permeable” periods; a time when “nature” partly lifts the veils of the spiritual, animistic and material planes, thus enhancing the possibilities of interaction between human spirits, substantiate beings(including the elementals) and spiritual guides!
During this period, the “sensitive” ones among us can easily peep into the beyond, while beings and guides can also make themselves better understood! It is supposed to be a period of freer exchange of vibrations and impulses between the spiritual and matter swinging in the Will of the Light!
There is nothing spine-chilling, ghostly and sinister about this; it is…

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