Happy Festival of the Pure Lily!

Today is the day of The Festival of the Pure Lily. Let us share some thoughts of those who recognize the immense Grace of this Event!

“Purity is the PATH IT treads.
IT cannot walk on any other.
Happy Festival of the pure Lily.
IRMINGARD the guardian of THIS flame.”

~ Lucie Barallon

“The Pure Lily…..Delicate, Whiteness and Beautiful.
So shall the Power of Her Radiations stream into the Women here in Subsequent Creation.
May you all…you Guardians of the Pure Living Flames soak up this Gift from the Lord of All the Worlds.
Wishing you strength in the Festival of Purity…!!!”

~ Obinna Magnobi

Photo source: Obinna Magnobi

3 thoughts on “Happy Festival of the Pure Lily!

  1. Happy Festival of the Pure Lily. Let us remember the advice of Abdrushin and do as he advised us. “Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, by so doing you will bring peace and be happy”.


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