Happy Full Moon!


Enjoy the Full Moon in Leo!
Like the earth, the elements and nature beings,
open your hearts to the intense purifying Rays of the moment!
Listen to the Tidings from the Lunar Orb,
or learn from those who are permitted to hear from on High!
Open, listen, learn from the Portals of Astarte, the Moon Mother!

May the Full Moon energize your volition for the good, the pure and the noble!
Happy Full Moon!

Let us share the thoughts of Nikija Malialin:
“…Whispers of Love blessings sent your way with the purifying waves of this Lunar Energy!
May its water alkalanize our beings and neutralize all negative energies in and around, so we can All come out brand new, filled with Life energies and passion to achieve Our Dreams!!
Wow oh Wow… Yes we feel the Love, Life & Light All over our blessed Mother Earth! Gratitude & Infinite Love!

Photo credit: Emmanuel Dagher https://www.facebook.com/emmanueldagher1/

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