Eternal Laws of Creation #8…..likes repel, opposites attract!


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Many who are conversant with the workings of the Law of Homogeneity and its popular variant The Law of Attraction find it difficult to come to terms with the assertion that “likes repel, opposites attract”! Is this opposed to the Law of Homogeneity or, does it in any way indicate the imperfection of the Law?
Not at all! Like we repeatedly say, “The Eternal Laws of Creation are exact to the minutest detail because they are the expressions of the perfect Will of the Almighty! Where uncertainties and imperfections are found they only arise from man’s limited understanding and application!” Let us see how this plays out here!
If you have been following this series, you would recall that the phrase “The Law of Homogeneity” is an abbreviation for “The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species”. Like the full name implies, the Law highlights the homogeneous…

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