Enjoy the balance between day and night!

Photo credit: Emmanuel Dagher’s photo.

“In the next few hours, we will move through an energy portal known as the Equinox. This is the time where those living in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet begin to prepare for Autumn, and our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are about to embark on the return of Spring.

The energetic meaning of an Equinox has us reflecting on creating greater balance in our lives. We are often guided during this time to connect with the stillness within,and to center ourselves. Taking a peaceful walk out in nature, and meditating at least once per day will be highly beneficial…..
This specific Equinox is also paving the way to a very BIG celestial event in a few days, known as Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse….

As always, make sure you are taking good care of yourself during these times of great change, and always know we are ALL in this together.

Love always,”

– Emmanuel

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