Random thoughts #3….while at the stream!


net tent
Photo credit: http://www.sansbug.com/meditate-with-sansbug-net-tent/

Down at the stream-side it is serene almost ethereal! But for occasional chirping and fluttering in the overhead foliage, the quietude is palpable!
During flood tides like now, the small stream glides so smoothly that it appears stagnant! You can ‘see’ its rhythmic movement as floating twigs dance downstream to the silent music of unseen hands and feel the gentle breeze bringing good tidings from Neptune, the sea Maid, also waltz in synchrony with the same music—nature’s music!
Go with the flow; everything seems to be doing so; more like the order here, and so, unconsciously I turn to the down-stream direction…. just then, the soul expanded and time stood still!
When kind came back to kind, the intellect picked up the threads of thought where it left off: “Go with the flow; flow with the tide!”…… but; the fishes, diving in every direction, balancing like aqua…

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