Phantom Limb Syndrome………Part 1.


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Seda suddenly reached for the lower section of his right leg only for both hands to clasp each other. He sighed, more like a hiss, and his hitherto bright countenance dampened! The memory of the ordeal in an auto-crash came flooding back: trapped in the wreckage, the hospital, the decision that the leg has to be amputated just below the knee and the physical as well psychological healing process!
The sensation that prompted Seda’s sharp reaction is not new to him; it is something he is emotionally battling to come to terms with: a sensation on a limb that no longer exists; so real that he could virtually twist his unseen ankle and toes and reach out as if to push back a stool!
Frequently, it is pain or nerve-racking twitching as real as any pain on any healthy part of his body. Fortunately, the pains are…

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