My confusing love for animals!



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I love animals in a confusing kind of way! I am not an animal rights activist but, I take exception to caged animals/birds, aquariums and small artificial ponds! They look more like prisoners and animal prisons to me!
I prefer to see animals in their natural habitats! The bird singing free; the squirrel scampering from branch to branch and sometimes hurrying across your tracks; the sleek snake that shows up once in a while and cause panic! The time-keeper doves and noisy crows! The evasive frogs and insects who as night choristers give the nights their special feel: a feel I like to call the rhythm of nature!
…and the king of stunts and cheekiness: wild monkeys! I live in a sub-urban community in the rain forest environment; so, I experience the wild, first hand!
I love to see animals free but, I have never signed up…

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2 thoughts on “My confusing love for animals!

  1. Certains animaux sont domestiques; Ils se sentent bien en compagnie de l’homme. D’autres ont été mis en cage pour le bon plaisir de l’homme au détriment de leur liberté. Le prix à payer est de leur donner le temps nécessaire pour leur entretien et leur bien être. Une passion qui a permis d’autre part à la science de faire de grandes avancées. Amitiés


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