Now he stands on the Threshold of Real Life…….an Epitaph!

Photo credit: Jude Teme Adonne on Facebook

About a month ago, a senior friend and community leader called quite unexpectedly; he wondered why I had not visited or called him for a long while! I quickly apologized and true to his good nature, without much fuss we steered into the usual ‘small talk’ which ended with me promising to stop by his house within the week. “I’m looking forward to your visit, I’ll sure have the usual (drinks) ready for you.”……those were his parting words!
Last night, the gentleman passed on! I didn’t get to see him!
When I heard of his death, I berated myself to no end for not keeping just this (as it turned out) last promise to my friend and mentor; the usual excuse being, busy with this, that and all the trifles of life……
After about an hour of self-reproach, I turned my attention to the departed soul:
Now he stands at the Threshold of real Life in Creation! All the theories and doctrines about life-after-death, salvation, Karma, possessions, fame, destiny, the purpose of human existence, etc. are no longer postulations but first-hand experiencing!
Now he can see the souls around him in their true colors and propensities! Perplexed, he now realizes that so many dear ones he sacrificed so much for are but crass hypocrites who merely took advantage of his unassuming generosity; that some friends and acquaintances, especially those he shared the same faith with, which he regarded as saints, actually belong to the very dark and mischievous class of human beings! On the other hand, his very being leaps with pleasant surprise to find that those he considered base, unbelievers and religious mis-fits are truly shining lights!
Of course, all souls do not experience the beyond the same way but, the hours of transition are the crucial point that many a self-righteous soul receives the first jolt and may even collapse in utter disbelief at how wrong he/she was while on earth!
May the loving thoughts of all of us who cherish the life and times of Uncle Wills (as he was fondly) comfort and strengthen him in his hour of need!
May he awaken to joyful activity and work his way upwards to the Light!

7 thoughts on “Now he stands on the Threshold of Real Life…….an Epitaph!

  1. That is why he came and saw you, to raise your awareness and connect with you before he left. And of course leave you with an understanding of what does have worth in this world because of what happened. All done with a great love, for you both.
    Beautiful share, thank you :)


  2. His parting gift will stay with you always. A good friend of mine passed in June and I think of her every day, she left me with so many lessons and gifts to ponder. May both their souls rejoice in the hereafter.


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