He who goes to a medium should go with a clean inner life!


In the essay “The Soul’s Pilgrimage Continues!” we alluded to the interaction between souls in the beyond and human beings on earth.
Soul-Earthman encounters! Be it through spiritism, mediumship, visions, hypnosis, projections, etc, they have always drawn sharply divided pros and cons. It is rather ridiculous that in this age and time, mankind is still debating whether there is life after death or not. Today’s essay is not about such unnecessary debate but, about some issues generally misunderstood by those who know something of or, have experienced these encounters.
By encounters we are referring to direct or remote contact with serious and well-meaning souls in the beyond! We thereby put aside contacts with the multitude of ignorant, blabbing and frequently malicious souls who as spiritual brigands and highwaymen only seek to confuse, frustrate and mislead. They are like miscreants and pick-pockets in a business district whose activities are far less…

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