Herald of His coming #4…..The Millennium!

Photo credit: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/horses/images/22410557/title/beautiful-horse-wallpaper

The Horsemen of Apocalypse sent word back to their Lord:
“The cleansing is far gone and the realm almost ready to receive your sacred Presence!
Like an indomitable vanguard, we Horsemen are fanning out to contain the vicious last-ditch devices of the darkness! We are fully supported by the beings; from the small elementals to the giants, the Swan Maidens are already rending the air with songs of the glorious dawn awaiting those who will survive the final cleansing!
The Comet, your cosmic harbinger, floods the realm with intense purifying energy! There is Light everywhere!
However, we have grave concerns about mankind! Not for the loyal ones who have not deviated from your Will; those ones have joined hands with us in service to the Light and will be uplifted to the Regions of Light and Paradise! Nor, do we have problems with the traitors who have sided with the darkness, they have been carefully sifted, marked with the sign of the beast and destined for Hades and eternal damnation!
We are worried about the immature ones who may not be ripe and ready for your coming!
What do we do with them, Lord?
Do we decide their fate by the deeds of their fathers and forefathers? Do we spare one soul because of the righteousness of the parents and punish another for the sins of the parents?” Were we not instructed to reward everyone according to their works, that whatsoever a man sows, THAT shall he reap? that…………”

The Lord and King of The Great Castle listened to the Horsemen’s concerns, smiled and sent them guidance and encouragement! He assured them of His immeasurable Love and incorruptible Justice which will also prevail in the current situation.
He told them of a period of grace that will immediately follow the elimination of all those who have succumbed to the darkness in the apocalypse: a thousand years of schooling for all who are not so strong but, who have a really pure volition.
The Horsemen received with reverential awe the tidings of The Millennium……

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