You are designed to soar!

Photo credit: Archer Eton on Facebook

You Give Up Too Soon!
At the slightest health challenge, at the flimsiest emotional upset or reversal of fortune you renounce your trust in the Light, Providence, or whatever deity you believe in. The news of a natural disaster is more than enough for you to belch out a disgruntled, “God, where are you?”
You easily succumb to the dark waves and vibrations of despair, melancholy and fear; you yield too soon to the antics, threats and lures of the darkness!
And when you dare to fight, you fight with weak hands and blunted weapons. You try to chase away darkness with darkness, greed with greed, sadness with sadness; confronting the products of the intellect with the intellect instead of the intuitive volition, the valiant hand of your spirit! You fail and sulk like a spoilt brat!
But, that should not be!
Do not give in to despair and distress! Ignite the warmth of your spirit, that powerful essence and Eternal spark of the Living Light which links you with the Luminous Heights! Rekindle the laughter and joy of life through joyful service!
The true inner joy of being permitted to serve the Light is an indomitable protection against all darkness…where there is pure joy in the heart, darkness cannot attack!
Reach out to the Light for help; go into nature as often as possible and feel the invigorating breadth of elemental helpers; consciously open up to the promptings of the spiritual guides always standing by you! You are never alone!
Do not allow indolence to cripple you! You are endowed with strong healthy spiritual limbs; learn to use them instead of limping about in crutches blaming everyone and everything for you self- inflicted woes!
You are designed to soar upwards to the Light!


3 thoughts on “You are designed to soar!

  1. Oh dear. I stumbled upon your blog and I’m glad. As adherents of the Grail Message and general members of the public we should strive to always remember that help is around us even when the the need is greatest. I wish you the strength to continue with your good works.😊


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