Contemplation for the month of April……Falsehood darkens the pure knowledge of God!

Photo & Text credit: Garden of Illumination on Facebook

“Every doctrine that is caught up with some sort of lie is enough to cast people into misfortune!
It doesn’t always have to be related to cruelty and vice.
Falsehood darkens the pure knowledge of God.
It is like dark clouds covering the sun.”

(The Great Pyramid Reveals its Secret – Roselis von Sass)

6 thoughts on “Contemplation for the month of April……Falsehood darkens the pure knowledge of God!

  1. True, but I think some of us have to “get there.” I know that I dabbled in many paths before finding the highest, brightest, whitest, and happiest for me. And even then, the social aspect of any path brings in imperfection. So… I don’t think we should get too high and mighty, nor judge too harshly. All we can really do is say, “this works for me.”


    • No human spirit “gets there” in one leap! Even acclaimed Masters admit that they had to go through bye paths and detours before finding the luminous Heights! But, once there, the Truth is universal and eternal, It works for everyone without bias or preference! I agree with you, there is no reason for anyone, including those who have “made it”, to look down or judge others they consider still struggling in the brushwood! Like good pilgrims we should encourage each other. Indeed, a knowing one does not despise the seeker!
      My apologies for the rather long reply. Thanks, I appreciate insightful thought!

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  2. Thank you for your like of my post, America! Wake Up! You are very kind. I trust that you will have a very blessed day.


  3. I’ll be honest. I’m very skeptical of many who claim to be “achieved” or “enlightened” teachers. I recall some saying they went “higher” than others. For me, God and all of life is the teacher. I had a teacher once. I did learn. But there were serious limitations. Thank God I broke free!


  4. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    How many people like it to be at their ease not to worry or to think themselves, finding it easier to live by human doctrines allowing them to enjoy human traditions and be part of the majority.
    How many are not blinded by such human doctrines?


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