Stephen Hawking and Creation…in his words!

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“I believe the simplest explanation is, there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate. This leads me to a profound realization that there probably is no heaven and no afterlife either. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe and for that, I am extremely grateful.”
― Stephen Hawking

18 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking and Creation…in his words!

  1. And the profound realization I have is this man is completely wrong. His mind is and always has been looking externally which is not the place to look. Namaste :)

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  2. I am sad for him and other lost souls. Maybe they are sad for me and those that believe like I do and have faith in God and the future according to the Book of Revelations. There will only be one right answer. We shall all see the answers one day, and then again, if he’s right, we won’t. I’d rather live my life with hope and faith for more, not an end. Just saying

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    • Please… stop “feeling sorry” for us “lost souls.” We are neither lost nor do we desire your pity. We believe in what can be empirically proven. Independent thinkers pity those who accept fairy tales about deities and the “afterlife.” In the entire recorded history of mankind there has been no empirical evidence pointing to a deity or an afterlife.They are fables, created by people who desperately wished for something that never existed and by people .

      And please no more fabled tales of people who died, “saw the light,” and were then brought back to life. In physiological reality, the brain’s occipital cortex, housing the center of vision, lies at the lateral-dorsal perimeter, where oxygenated blood would last the longest. That explains the “light at the end of a tunnel” syndrome so often described.

      Hope springs eternal, which is terrific. But faith relies upon desire, not reality. Faith means you believe something because you want to – not because it can be proven empirically. Taking something on faith means you want it to be real. Empirical proof means that by all laws of deductive logic, a postulation is real.

      Stephen Hawking has the Isaac Newton Chair in Physics at Oxford for a reason. His views on particle physics are unsurpassed. He, holds a better understanding of our universe than any other contemporary. He is not a “lost soul.” He has the most perfect understanding of our universe, devoid of religious conjecture.

      I would define a “lost soul” as someone so afraid of death that he or she will believe anything as long as it permits an afterlife. My father was a physician. As soon as I was able to walk, he took me with him everywhere, including hospital rounds. I witnessed all manner of sick and invalid patients, many near death and many recently dead. We saw no evidence of any afterlife. We also discovered that death is a most natural condition, one which we are all destined to experience. It is the relief of many and a peaceful end to sickness and pain. But make no mistake… it is without doubt an END.

      Ask yourself what would be so bad about nothingness. Death is not good, bad, right, wrong, just, evil, unjust or fair. It is simply the inevitable end for all living creatures. When our loved ones die, they go… nowhere. There is no heaven or hell. And while physics allows for the possibility of other dimensions in time, we have seen no proof of it, much less evidence that our loved ones exist in some other dimension or location. So, if you believe in that, you do so not because it is real, but because it’s WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE.

      So, let’s please stop kidding ourselves. If there was a deity or an afterlife, don’t you suppose that in thousands of years of recorded history, especially with our current mastery of physical and theoretical physics, wouldn’t we have seen at least a tiny credible piece of evidence to support it? And please don’t answer with “the bible.” Bibles are collections of stories produced by people – not a deity. They offer no empirical proof at all.

      Believe whatever fantasy you desire. But please do not pity those of us who believe what can be scientifically proven. Everything else is a fantasy. After all, you cannot prove that there is a deity or an afterlife. It is we who think of you as a “lost soul.”

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      • Thank you for your permission to believe as I will. I am sure God shed a tear at your view of him as he did for Thomas. I am equally sure that you and I will never agree on most subjects, especially in the spiritual and religious realms. While I can appreciate Dr Hawkins’ accomplishments in this world, he deserves my empathy and compassion at the same time and yes, my pity.
        Unlike countries where the “thought police” are in charge, I still live in a free country. I can and will express myself as it pleases me as long as it pleases me and the opinions of all the “Chairs” from all the educational entities on God’s green Earth will never stop me from doing so in my own manner. Oh, yes, and I will add you to my list of “Those who deserve my prayers and my pity.” For as my Savior said in defense of His Tormentors, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” Simply, like it or not, I choose who I decide deserves my pity and my prayers, not anyone else. While you may not appreciate my views and beliefs, you must know I neither need or desire your permission to live my life the way I choose to do so. So I wish you discernment and happiness in your temporary existence and pray you will be granted the knowledge of Solomon before you experience that in which you have chosen to reject out of personal selfishness, in my humble opinion. When I was younger I thought I needed a bunch of letters after my name and the “respect” of my more educated peers. Then I grew up, matured, and opened my mind and heart. It works for me, so please don’t worry. I’ll still pray for you, even if you consider it to be a waste of time and effort. And I’ll still pity any unbeliever, with or without your permission. Have a great day. I won’t try to convince you of the errors in your ways, nor will you or your “science” ever convince me to change my mind, so at an impasse or draw, as in Chess, we find ourselves. Goodbye, my learned, but still lost, Sir.
        I’m just George, a simple man, but thankfully not a simpleton.


        • We are made of exactly the same materials that exist within stars. The universe is us and we are the universe, no imaginary deity is required for life to exist.

          Why must there be someone who designed the universe? It has always existed and it will always exist. You may twist it around, but Occam’s Razor still applies. Our universe has been proven scientifically as a collection of atoms, elements, matter, dark matter, gravity, heat, light, minerals and water. In the right combinations, random events result in the occasional potential for life as we know it. Our human existence is the product of carbon-based preconditions and the right mix of environmental conditions. And that’s only for life as we know it. There may be hundreds or even thousands of life forms that are based upon other elements, rather than carbon.

          In the course of human history, no one has been able to provide any empirical proof that some entity created any part of our universe. We are all products of random events. Pursuing the empty promises of an afterlife, people fall all over each other to accept a fanciful belief that life will somehow continue, despite a dearth of any proof.

          You may pity me if you wish; it is pointless. I nether desire nor accept it. It is based upon irrational thinking. I pity people who could have done something more valuable with their time rather than waste it on unproven theological speculation.

          More people have been murdered in the name of religion than in all of our wars of conquest for land, riches and natural resources. Hundreds of millions of Muslim women are forced into a life of degradation and slavery only because of their gender. In that part of the world, a non-Muslim can be legally incarcerated, forced to recant their religion or even murdered in the name of… guess who? Millions of non-Christians were murdered in the name of Christ during the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition, the Reformation and the English Expulsion. This is what religion has done for humanity. And in the name of Christ, a perpetrator of genocide can be “forgiven” as long as she or he repents. Great deal.

          When’s the last time you heard of an atheist going on a shooting rampage or an agnostic suicide bomber? How many wars have been waged by atheists? Compare that to the paragraph above.

          But the future looks bright. With each generation in almost every society, fewer people participate in organized religion, especially in Western societies. Church membership and attendance continues a downward slide. Young people feel much less compelled to participate in any religion. You might say that society is gradually moving in the right direction. If it continues, and there is no reason not to believe it, one day religious suicide bombers and those perpetrating murder, slavery and intolerance in the name of religion or religious beliefs will dissipate – hopefully to never return.

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          • I know enough about history and “civilization” to accept that there will never be a time of universal peace as long as imperfect people are involved. Period. There is inherent good and evil, always has been, always will be. You and I will never see Utopia, that itself is a fantasy, a dream, a vision, an unreachable peak. I won’t try to convince you otherwise. Evil will always be with us, no matter what either of us do to prevent it, because from beginning of time, mankind is imperfect and flawed mortally. It is what it is just as you are you and I am me. Simply. I will not defend the actions and misdeeds of those who called themselves Christians, their actions have proven that they aren’t any less evil than their non-Christian counterparts. A name doesn’t define you any more than a degree or lack of one, only your actions and how you live your life defines you. You think that my beliefs are fantasies, but yet you hold onto an illogical idea that can never be fulfilled. I guess we can call this the time to agree to disagree. You hold your beliefs and I’ll hold mine and respectfully, we’ll just leave it at that. I have no need or desire to argue nor debate my faith with you or anyone else, really. When you find Utopia, please grab it, move there and hold on as hard as you can with my blessings and prayers. I’ve seen Evil eye to eye and face to face, a lot closer than I would’ve have wished on anyone. If nothing else, it taught me to be prepared to defend against it and not rely on wishes or dreams that will make it go away nor deny its existence. Have a wonderful life.


              • TY, I think that was one of my earliest lessons from my German/Dutch Grandparents. It has been passed on to my Siblings and Children. In the near future, Grands will be taught the same.
                3 generations of my family had minimal public school, but they passed on love, compassion, empathy, religious beliefs, and a work ethic which still exists within my Siblings and our children. They taught us many more lessons about living than any school ever did. My Siblings and I put our children through school without any debts or loans by sacrificing our wants and encouraging our children to learn the value or work and investing in their futures. Sometimes it took longer to finish, but we owe no one, so no one controls us. Not rich, but we are blessed abundantly.
                And it’s OK if others disagree with us, we are accustomed to that after so many years. Some consider us weird and others say we are wired differently. Funny, because weird and wired are the same letters, just different order. Have a great day.

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  3. An example of a statement/ quote that derived from an unsatisfactory mind. For you Stephen, You have been living in such way and the longer the time the more frustrated you are because you have been blinded.


  4. This just proves that Illuminati’s chosen boy cannot think clearly, which is why they chose him. Ask the brilliant plasma physicists. There are many brilliant physicists far beyond Hawkin’s abilities and theories, but the mass media displays their boy.


    • The magic without intelligent force that he believes in for no reason, other than lack of understanding, does not exist. I mean, his idea is that everything happened accidentally up to some unnamed point where cause and effect kicks in. LOL :)


    • I’ve always been mystified by those who believe that there JUST HAS TO BE a creator, “because how else could we be so intelligent and the world so beautifully complex?”

      Yet evolution explains it perfectly well. Species are regularly faced with environmental damage causing them to change genetically and survive. Or… they fail and disappear. This is not the work of a deity, but of proteins, amino acids and enzymes. There is no WHY. There only is life, evolution and change. It is not directed, created altered or promoted by any person, deity or force (sorry George Lucas).

      People say, how could the universe exist without having been created by SOMEONE? When I say that it always existed, or that the universe had no beginning and has no end, I see “deer-in-the-headlights” expressions. Their response is always, “Well, SOMONE HAD TO CREATE IT.” I say, “Why? Again… deer-in-the…” They say, “It’s in the bible.” I say, “Why does that make it true?” More deer…

      Why can we not comprehend a timeless universe, without a beginning or end; and without borders or end points. The nature of our universe, which has been proven mathematically and via astro-physics should not be that hard to comprehend. After all, it’s what Hubble, Spitzer and every other long-range telescope tells us. It’s what every computational and mathematical model of our universe reveals as valid. It’s what every cosmologist knows to be true. So why can’t the rest of us accept the reality of our existence?

      Without a shred of empirical evidence over the entire course of recorded human history (10K to 15K years ago), people still profess faith in an invisible being that somehow created and manages all life and all actions in our universe. If there is a supreme being, you would have thought that by now we would have at least one or two empirically-proven examples of such a deity based in empirical evidence and adhering to the laws of deductive logic. But we do not! We have spiritual postulations that adhere to no known laws of nature.

      The answer, IMHO is that people are so afraid of death that they will believe any implausible explanation of the universe by other people who are not scientists. These people so fear death that they will accept any make-believe concept of heaven, hell and a deity just so they can delude themselves to stop worrying about being dead (being nothing). This is despite the fact that there is no empirical evidence pointing to such a reality.

      Heaven, hell and purgatory are nifty but false concepts created by religious leaders to rule their flock. They do not exist. Yet, when we believe these religious leaders, they control us and every move we make. They prevent us from being the best humans we can be by telling us that we can cheat, steal, lie and murder – as long as we repent before our death. Yet humans have guilt for a good reason. It prevents us from doing more damage to others. But some religions show us how to be horrific people and still go to heaven. These false religious concepts hinder humanity, not help it.

      I have no problem with the knowledge that when I die I will cease to exist permanently. Death is not good, bad, right, wrong, happy or painful. It is nothing – like sleeping without dreaming and never waking up. What can be so bad about being nothing? In fact, it makes every second of life so much more real, critical and vital.

      We get but one opportunity to be alive. Lacking evidence of an afterlife or deity, we must do everything possible to make the best of our few years of reality. That does not mean we should focus our efforts on making money, purchasing expensive items or becoming someone’s boss. It means we have a few years to help people and the planet become more viable than before we arrived. To accomplish this we do not require religion or delusions of morality based upon religious concepts. We need only to listen to the planet and to do what we can for our progeny. The only thing we should fear about death is lacking enough time to do everything possible to help people.


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