Golden words on the Path to the Light #4…….Channels!


Channels are gifts from the Light. Whether through Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance or other forms of mediumship, the endowed one who stands aright becomes a blessing and useful link in the chain of spiritual enlightenment and guidance!
The channel is a bridge to various planes in the immediate beyond and above. A peculiar bridge though; because every channel has his/her natural span and extended reach. The span is at the border-line where his/her spirit cannot transcend and remain conscious while, the reach extends to higher spheres where the channel’s spirit can nevertheless receive messages and images from through higher helpers and guides!
Thus, not everything a channel sees is personal seeing, not every channel can receive images and perceptions from the Luminous Heights! Some only see ethereal things, others can reach the Animistic realm (the Land of the gods and goddesses up to Valhalla) and truly pure ones are permitted to receive radiated images and perceptions even up to the Divine spheres! It all depends on each channel’s maturity and spiritual openness.
A good majority of Channels are not aware of their personal limitations and the existing strict order; they give themselves airs believing they see and hear directly from the great prophets and sages of old, arch angels, Jesus Christ and even the Almighty, God!
Therein is the Achilles heel; the shortcomings and unreliability of so many channeled/mediumistic messages…..ignorance!
Ignorance is the bane of channeling; much more than fraud!
In many cases, channels do not set out to defraud their audiences, they are simply ignorant of the prevailing Laws! Also, they rely so much on entities in the beyond who have equally limited knowledge. They believe every soul that communicates from the beyond is super wise and powerful whereas, there are countless babbling souls who are no more enlightened than the channels they communicate through!
Channels are gifts of from the Light and we are grateful to those channels who stand in their posts in service to the Light!





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