Golden words on the Path to the Light #3…….Religions!


“Universal Truths based on the Eternal Laws of the Creator were given to mankind by all the great spiritual teachers throughout history including Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao Tse, Buddha, Mohammed and the Divine Envoy Jesus Christ.
All of them fought for the Light against the Darkness in order to bring spiritual enlightenment to a largely indifferent/hostile mankind.
All the teachings were adapted to the spiritual maturity of the people of the time.
None of them wished to form a religion but, after their earthly death their teachings were distorted by their followers.
The Living radiating Word of Truth was turned into barren rigid dogmas which were not in accord with the Eternal immutable Laws that bear the Creator-Will.
On the one hand you have ETERNAL TRUTH WILLED BY GOD and given to mankind and on the other you have the MAN MADE RELIGIONS with their contradictory teachings and often open hostility to followers of other religions.”





Photo & text credit: Return To Eden page


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