Your soul in one word!

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“Describe your soul in one word” was the teaser recently posted by ‘Aura & Soul Psychology’ on Facebook and since then the responses have not disappointed! More than 90% of comments could well pass for a catalogue of the most uplifting words conceived by man! The icing on the cake is that love and love related words tops the list! Without doubt, the post has generated a lot of positive vibes; the negative responses like confused, despondent, damaged and blocked were far in-between and drowned in the flow of positive energy…….just then I asked myself, do we really have that many “good souls” around?
Could it be a case of Creation’s Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species (birds of the same feather flock together) at work, such that the Aura & Soul Psychology page unconsciously attracts mostly like-minded souls as Facebook friends?
Could it be that on the individual level, we humans tend to overestimate our self-worth, think too highly of ourselves and generally believe or, in some way, convince ourselves we are the “good ones”?
Or, could it be that wickedness, hate, jealousy and other negative attitudes are not part of the human nature but mere aberrations? That deep in that vicious killer, in that corrupt politician, in that heartless and conniving businessman…., lies a kennel of virtues? That in every human being is a seed of love, purity and light that he or she, during quiet, sober hours can feel surging to the surface?
…….on and on my thoughts wandered until out of the blues came my soul’s one-word description..…”Serving”! Yes, so apt I could feel some movement in my solar plexus! Serving, which is short for, “Joyfully Serving the Light.” That’s the word for my soul!
Do you have the word for your soul?


40 thoughts on “Your soul in one word!

  1. Compassion
    I have been reflecting on the heart of humanity since the terrorist sieges in Sydney and Paris and although a couple of people perpetrated evil, the community overwhelmingly responded with love, compassion and I think a real determination to make our world a better by being more loving, forgiving and compassionate.
    xx Rowena


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