Religion…..why the competition?

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“The problem arises when we say, ‘Our religion is right; yours is wrong!’ This is like saying, ‘My mother is good; yours is a prostitute!’ Love and compassion are the very essence of all religions. What, then, is the need for us to compete?”
-Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

14 thoughts on “Religion…..why the competition?

  1. Yes, it is baffling why people feel they have to compete or “be right” when it comes to religion and politics. Since it is one’s right,in our country, to choose, there should be no problem. In some other countries, there is no room for choice as evident by their actions. Sometimes, love has nothing to do with it.


  2. Of course the righteousness disregards our connection to everything and is a by product of our grasping to be something. That is what the ego does all the time. This is very hard for us to see……that we are being ‘right.’ When we see …….then the attitude starts to lose its hold on us and we become more loving rather than right. Impossible to explain also.


  3. Reblogged this on Stepping Toes and commented:
    When there would be no religion in this world people still would compare each-other and would find enough reasons to argument and even to go fighting against each-other because of the differences in opinion. Also a very big problem is that many persons do have such a high opinion about themselves and their own ideas that they do consider their thought as the best one and want to press it on others.
    We always should keep an open mind and allow other ideas to exist next to our ideas and should share the common values in our effort to make together a world worth living in for all beings whatever colour they might have, whatever tongue they make speak, whatever faith may feed their hearts.


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