The Grand Cross Full Moon!

Photo credit: Dorine Vercarre‎ on Facebook

Once again Astarte throws open the Portals of the moon and floods the earth with powerful light streams, invigorating energy and wisdom from On High! As usual, the elements on earth receive the unfurling waves in a jubilant waltz!
And this time, the lunar tango is really comprehensive! It is a Grand Cross Full Moon! This means that there are planets in all the cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and they are conforming or opposing each other! In other words, this is a period for either, crisis or, major realization! It’s an opportunity for inner shift; shift for the worse or, for the better.. and the choice is yours!
Like Pleiadian Delegate puts it on:
“This Full Moon, as it shines its Full Moon Light, into the hidden aspects of your Subconscious Mind, will activate, within you, what is drawing your attention. This may reflect areas, that are calling within you to be looked at more deeply, as a result of the intentions, that you have set in motion. Be really clear with yourself, what you have intended, and see clearly, what is arising within you.
Do you have wounds within yourself that desire your Love and Attention? Have you neglected being Nurturing to yourself?”

Welcome to the first full moon of the year!

10 thoughts on “The Grand Cross Full Moon!

  1. Being Capicorn, I really was interested in what you had to say on what may or may not happen. I hope mine will not be crisis but yet, sometimes I operate better in a crisis; I do have wounds left over from other days; other times. Perhaps it is time to clean it all out. Thank you for this post.


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