The Rays blaze again….good to be back!

10292523_10153580800610200_863648548881166662_n (1)
Photo credit: Jude Teme Adonne on Facebook

For about a month now activities have been down here! A combination of systems failure, health issues and relationship challenges all seemed to conspire to make life almost unbearable and access to the internet impossible! It was a trying period!
And what great opportunities slipped by: a full moon, December New month greetings, some important birth/death anniversaries usually mentioned here and the customary build up to end-of-year festivities/spiritual Festivals! Truly, not the best of times to have a down time!
Thank goodness, the worst is over and like the proverbial Phoenix we have risen from the ashes of frustration and uncertainties!
And now to the silver lining! How delightful to get back and be welcomed by a large cache of new followers, friendly comments and touching enquiries. Looks like some good old friends kept faith: in the absence of current posts they simply hit the archive to stir things up. A pleasant surprise!
A pleasant surprise and a lesson to learn: Purpleraysblog has taken on a life of its own…. while the hands behind the blog were virtually kissing the dust, the blog stood there like a luminous Pyramid attracting and reaching out to like minds, friends and well-wishers!
Compliments of the season to everyone and big thanks/hugs to all those who stopped by during the period! It’s good to back!
Once again, the Rays stream forth!

12 thoughts on “The Rays blaze again….good to be back!

  1. Glad to see you back. Your one of two people whose posts I always look for when I have time and noticed I wasn’t seeing the purple icon. :-) Continuous Blessings to you!


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