My kind of Halloween!


Halloween is a classic example of “different strokes for different folks”!

Some Christian communities celebrate it as the feast of All Hallows’ Day: the beginning of the time (Allhallowtide) dedicated to remembering the dead particularly, the saints, martyrs and departed faithful.

On the pagan divide, Halloween is the witches’ New Year, the week of Samhain; a special time in the year when the living and the dead can easily reach out to each other, and a time for change and rebirth! To them, October 31 is the ideal time to consult the spirit world; the Night of Magic! Rituals and special exercises are prescribed to facilitate the process!

For the secular society, Halloween is simply another time for fun and commerce! A time for scary costume parties, playing pranks, guising, jack- o’- lanterns and other forms of weird entertainments.

In all these and other numerous observances, the discerning mind looks on bemused, if not sad!

Through Luminous guidance, we now know that the days and nights of the transition of October to November are specially “permeable” periods; a time when “nature” partly lifts the veils of the spiritual, animistic and material planes thus enhancing the possibilities of interaction between human spirits, substantiate beings(including the elementals) and spiritual guides!

During this period, the “sensitive” ones among us can easily peep into the beyond while, beings and guides can also make themselves better understood! It is supposed to be a period of freer exchange of vibrations and impulses between the spiritual and matter swinging in the Will of the Light!

There is nothing spine-chilling, ghostly and sinister about this; it is not the time to glorify the dead or mimic death but, a celebration of life and the living; a reassurance that we are surrounded by helping hands at all times, that we are never alone!

Halloween should be a celebration of Life and dedication to the Light! There is absolutely no need to engage in bizarre rituals and practices! One should stay away from practices that pay homage to what is dark, to spurious meditation and spiritism! You only expose yourself to inferior energies and base vibrations thereby. Those who are called for it, will see, hear and feel the ‘other world’ without extraneous exercises!

Celebrate Halloween as the manifestation of the Grace of the Almighty and anchor your volition in the Luminous Heights. Joyfully experience the phenomenal “open gates” during the period and strengthen your volition to live according to the Will of the Most High! Give thanks for the ever-present Help and resolve to purify your thoughts, words and deed!

This is the kind of Halloween I cherish! This is the kind of Halloween I wish my friends!

Happy Halloween!

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