The moon in red!

Photo credit: Moonflower Dew on Facebook

So much has been said about the coming lunar eclipse and, I trust, much more will be said after the phenomenal event especially, by those who are consciously preparing for the event and looking forward to the Luminous Messages that will be mediated to mankind during the brief phenomenal period!
Full Moons are special events! Nature and nature beings; water bodies, air currents, the earth mass, underground energies/currents, animals, birds and even insects all join their voices in a choral music! They resound celestial  gratitude to the Most High whose Will brought them into being and to whom they owe their existence!
On the scientific front, we are heading for a ‘selenelion’, i e, when an eclipsed moon can be viewed at the same time as a rising or setting sun. This time around, is a rare alignment of the full moon and the rising sun. this gives the moon the familiar dazzling red sheen!
Whatever the Blood Moon means to you, have fun and enjoy the spectacle (if it is visible in your area)!

9 thoughts on “The moon in red!

  1. Thank you for liking “Nature’s Halloween Garden” and for reminding me about the blood moon. :) I like to watch lunar eclipses, but I do not think I can stay up late enough or get up early enough to watch this one. At least I can watch it online.


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