Contemplation for the month of August……beyond the veil!

Mid-month reminder!


Photo credit: Sunsets and Nights photo on Facebook

“Humanity prefers to hold on to only that which is tangible to them; they feel comfortable looking solely after the material aspect of their lives, without thinking any further about what happens when this earth-life is over. Indeed they dare not even think of the hereafter, for then they are immediately confronted by the spectre of their own inner emptiness, the implicit knowing that they have really achieved nothing in this life at all, that all the wealth they had hitherto accumulated will serve them absolutely no purpose when they leave this Earth.
And yet while such forebodings do arise from time to time, these individuals instead prefer to stifle them and further intensify their pursuit of material things, even encouraging genuine seekers to abandon their fairytale quest for an “imaginary” Truth. For those seekers, who thereby become disillusioned by the…

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3 thoughts on “Contemplation for the month of August……beyond the veil!

  1. I have been thinking along these lines lately…I no longer have my career…and thought of how I spent so much of my given time in “becoming”…and now I am returning to “being”…and none of it all matters–the materialism–the consumerism–that soaks up so the thoughts of so many…and I am called to just be loving, and that in and of itself, is no easy task…Thank you for the beautiful post and for your many visits to my blog! My blog…I began it because I felt lost after my teaching career came to an end…and now I am becoming the student, learning so much from so many of you on WordPress!


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