Sunday Reflection #2……I am God, not man!

“The power that is greater than us comes from the Divine which human spirits should look up to in humility with reverence.
What is Divine is far ABOVE the human spiritual. Human spirits don’t actually carry anything Divine within.

This is contrary to what so many would be spiritual teachers and “masters” claim. They seek to put the human spirit on the same level as the Creator of the Universe! when in reality we are tiny little spirit sparks who *can* develop so that we can reach what is the the highest in a *spiritual* sense only.

Human spirits can never become Divine. The chain of being in Creation certainly extends upwards BEYOND the level of the human/spiritual. Man who develops aright, as a spiritual creature is on the lowest level of Creation for a creature that can become self-conscious.”

Photo and text credit: Return To Eden on Facebook

5 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection #2……I am God, not man!

  1. This text certainly is food for thought… However is it not possible for humankind as ever known before to take a leap of faith and trust into the unknown and claim its own divinity… Afterall there is no separation… IAM both human and divine… Barbara


    • You’re right! However the post is directed to those “masters” who claim they can lead human beings to become co-Creators and one with the Almighty God or lay claims to being God themselves! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. A little confusion, perhaps, lays within my mind as I read these words. I know I have Divinity within me, for I have felt it and that is what guides me. No, I am NOT God, never claimed to be, and yes, I understand the power of the Creator in my limited way of understanding. I have come to know that I am spirit having a human experience, who through the classrooms of Life, is cleansed, and purified, becoming more of my Divine Nature in the process. Putting myself in the same classification as Creator, no, that is just not Truth. I am learning how to create as the Creator does, and I have such a LONG way to go, that sometimes it gets discouraging. Just some of my thoughts, Purperays. Love, Amy


    • Funny how these things work; I was busy commenting on your site not knowing youare doing same on mine!
      No confusion Amy, we are like tiny sparks that fly out from rubbing two metals. We cannot replace the metals ie, Creator but we have awesome properties to simulate our Creator and it is our duty to activate and make good use of the properties!


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