Tchaikovsky вдохновенный (inspired!)

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“It would be vain to try to put into words that immeasurable sense of bliss which comes over me directly [when] a new idea awakens in me and begins to assume a definite form. I forget everything and behave like a madman. Everything within me starts pulsing and quivering; hardly have I begun the sketch, before one thought follows another.”

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2 thoughts on “Tchaikovsky вдохновенный (inspired!)

  1. What do all the great composers have in common?
    They see what nobody else can see, and they hear what others can`t hear!
    And how can they do that?
    They use the eyes and ears from inside! Lets call it spiritual eyes and ears.
    That shows us that there must be a rich world full of everlasting beauty inside of us!
    Much bigger than the world we are living.
    And our demanding task is to bring this world alive, so that one day, we can live there forever!

    Lion of Light


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