Happy New Month…..June, the month of Red Roses!

Photo Credit: http://www.birthdaygems.org/birth-month-flowers/june-birth-flower.htm

“Wisteria woke me this morning,
And there was all June in the garden;
I felt them, early, warning
Lest I miss any part of the day.

Straight I walked to the trellis vine.
Wisteria touched a lifted nostril:
Feelings of beauty diffused, to entwine
My spirit with June’s own aura.”
– Ann McGough, Summons (http://www.gardendigest.com/monjun.htm)
Welcome to June! Welcome to boisterous sunny days in the Northern Hemisphere! Just like youthful spring gives way to summer in June, so does the year finally lose its youthfulness; after June you get the feeling that the year is homeward bound! June is therefore a time for mid-term stocktaking: a time to be thankful for small mercies and to rev up efforts to attain yearly resolutions and dreams!
Most importantly, June is a month of stupendous spiritual energy! Coming immediately after the Outpouring of Power, the whole of Creation shines with new splendor and the elements around us come alive! This is what gives the month the special “June’s own aura” mentioned by Ann McGough!
The new wave of invigorating Power is there for all of us to bathe and bask in, and my prayer is that they touch us with blessings!
Happy birthdays to our June babies, you came in a rush of spiritual power and sunshine! An unknown author once captured your endowments:
“Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of agate on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command.”
Quote Source: http://voices.yahoo.com/a-complete-list-birthstones

Happy New Month dear friends!

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17 thoughts on “Happy New Month…..June, the month of Red Roses!

  1. I love June! In Norway that is the firs summer month :-) It is so joyful and childlike and light :-) I feel like running around barefoot in a flower meadow! :-) Happy June to you too!! :-)


  2. Perfect timing! My husband is born od june the 15. He is feeling down these last months and when I read to him the poem about those born in June – is cheered him up! :-)


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