Happy Mother’s Day….Woman, in your hand lies the destiny of humanity!

Photo Credit: Amma’s page on Facebook

“The principle of motherhood is as vast and powerful as the universe. With the power of motherhood within her, a woman can influence the entire world.”
– Amma

15 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day….Woman, in your hand lies the destiny of humanity!

  1. Yes, I so agree! Motherhood is not a biological term, it is a title given to the ones who nurture us and love us unconditionally, the ones who provide for us a soft place to fall. I have met so many women whom I have adopted as my mothers :-) And I hope, as I grow older, that I will have many such young girls adopting me as their mother! :-) Mother is the name of a very special type of Love, a Love that is as close to divine Love as humanly possible :-)


    • You’re right; motherhood is not personal or merely biological! It embodies the lofty concept of benevolent guidance, care and nurturing! Pure motherhood exists in all parts of Creation including those realms where child-bearing and parenting as we know on earth do not occur so, motherhood in the wider sense is not tied to marriage and procreation! It stands on its own as a faint reflection of the virtues and qualities of The Divine Queen of Heaven also known as The Queen of Womanhood or, Primordial Mother! All the sages and masters who have been permitted to ‘see’ her radiated picture have always referred to her as ‘mother’ and handed down wonderful stories about her splendor and motherly benevolence! However, please note that she is not the Christian ‘Mary the mother of God’! She has nothing to do with such erroneous inspirations!
      Thus every woman bears fine motherhood instincts and blessed is that woman who helps other human beings with those instincts even if they are not her biological children! Nor, should the so called child-less woman lament on that account; she has all the opportunities to be a true mother and be far blessed than the woman who has given birth to children and failed in her motherhood responsibilities!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts; your post earlier on, the pictures and poem were simply sublime!
      Happy Mother’s Day for being a true mother!


  2. This one put tears in my eyes. If only women can grasp this and step into their full power. What a changed world we would live in! One that is based on LOVE, as it was meant to be. Love, Amy


    • That’s true, we exchanged pure gold for tinsel! All hope is not lost as long as some of us continue to sow small acts of love, plant our little garden of ‘roses’! Thanks for finding time from your loaded schedule to share your thoughts! Cheers!


      • You are so welcome. I am finishing up gardens and plan on taking a bit of a break for a few days before I go back. So today I am beginning to ease into my usual thing here. Love, Amy


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