Revive your childlike nature!

Photo Credit: Joseph Romanella on Facebook

“The Compulsion to know, to be peaceful, to love & be joyful are inherent in our innocent, childlike hearts, which are already part of the Divine Nature.
Hence, people need to access those Qualities by looking within & must prevent disappointments, negativity, anxiety, envy,  fear, greed, hatred & lust to become the repetitive voices in their heads.
That stops those harmful impulses from penetrating their hearts and correspondingly impacting on their future experiences”

12 thoughts on “Revive your childlike nature!

  1. Needless to say I love this quote!! :-) I think that joy we have when we are children never really left me :-) People may laugh, but I feel quite blessed to still have it :-)


    • Only the ignorant will laugh at that because they confuse childlikeness with childishness! To be childlike is indeed a virtue and sign of a mature and maturing soul; while childishness is a fault, a degeneration! Keep being true to yourself, you don’t need anybody’s approval anyway! Love, peace and joy!


    • I know that works for me – in the heart is the essence still – the protected idealist without need to argue and only wanting to accept what is and belonging — then the lesson come along and there was some hardening and demanding and those traits that the quote recognizes – negative and separating from belonging and acceptance mindedness… they call it education… hmm


  2. Finding the child within again….

    It is the ultimate challenge of our souls journey to search out and recapture that beautiful child like heart and spirit that we so readily traded in, in our quest to become an adult!

    Great post :)


  3. yes, Compulsion to know… a trait that can change but never probably be defeated – but growing is good… and the prevention is perhaps through transformation in acceptance of what can be changed and not… good thoughts for this rainy day we have going here in the North Eastern US.


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