Eternal Laws of Creation #2…….Omniscience and eternal laws!

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In “Eternal Laws of Creation #1”, I mentioned the popular belief that creation and everything in it (its fullness thereof) exist through the Will of a Creator (variously known as Supreme Intelligence, the Light-Cause, the Almighty, God, etc.) and supervised by the Laws of the Creator! Let us look at the ‘supervision’ and  laws a little bit more!
It does not mean that the Creator sits on a high throne with a statute book to roll out a long list of dos and don’ts nor, does He (no gender bias meant) look on to reward this or that person/entity for good behavior and punish the other for falling short! Such erroneous views arise from pictures depicted by many religions, movements and sects!
Usually, Light messengers, prophets, masters, etc. mediate or, hand down rules and observances to guide their followers in living aright! Without doubt, these rules have beneficial spiritual relevance especially if they are received from Luminous Heights like the Biblical Ten Commandments! They are infallible guidelines for the human spirit living on earth and in the immediate beyond but, not meant for the literal, one sided interpretations many believers give to them! Like the revered Mahatma Gandhi once implied, the literal implementation of “an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
Thus the average religionists of today believe the Almighty or His agents follow every human being to observe and record his/her thoughts, words and deeds for subsequent reward or punishment! They behave like school children supervised by a keenly watching cane-in-hand headmaster!
This mentality is not only wrong but, grossly diminishes the great Divine Omniscience: A good King does not need to know everyone in his kingdom by name or parade the streets hugging anyone in sight! Rather, with love and diligence he implements a system that guarantees safety of life and property, protects civil/natural rights, provides ample opportunities for sustenance and possibilities for reaching full potentials and aspirations, while placing civic responsibilities on the subjects to ensure peaceful cordial habitation! The responsibilities are in the form of basic regulations which do not necessarily confer any special benefits to the king but intended for the common good of the land!
The earthly example of ‘the king and his kingdom’ is but a faint reflection of omniscience and the eternal laws! In Creation, all the necessary ingredients for life and comfort; all the enablement for growth, evolution and improvement as well as ability to handle possible eventualities and deviations are available through a perfect system we generally call Wise Providence! The magnificent system then runs on auto-pilot with the eternal laws as the user’s manual!
The Creator does not need to intervene every now and then to endow John with wealth and wit, and consign Harry to a life of poverty and disability! So also the eternal laws; they are neither vindictive nor indulgent; they are simply the impartial M. O. of a perfect Creation-system! Push the right button and you get the right result and vice versa, short and simple!
A profound view of the comprehensive nature of omniscience and the eternal laws is explained by The Grail Message (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin:

“Providence is Divine activity; it lies anchored in the Divine Wisdom, in Omniscience. And this Omniscience has become deed in the Divine Laws of this Creation! It rests in them, as also does Providence, which latter takes effect upon the human beings.
Therefore do not think that God’s Omniscience should know your thoughts and how you are faring on earth. The working of God is entirely different, greater and more comprehensive. With His Will God spans everything, maintains everything, and furthers everything from out of the Living Law which brings to each individual that which he deserves, i.e., that which he wove for himself!”

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