Eternal Laws of Creation #1………an intro!

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“Everything in creation must obey a law.
Its true in words as it is in deed”

The words are from “House of exile” a song by Jimmy Cliff, a popular reggae musician! They capture the sentiments of those who believe creation and everything in it (its fullness thereof) exist through the Will of a Creator or, Supreme Intelligence and are supervised by the Laws of the Creator!
The sentiments sure have a familiar ring; even those who are opposed to such sentiments, all the same, come in half way! They may not believe in the existence of a Godhead/deities, Supreme Intelligence/Cause, Creator, etc. but, they somehow accept that there is so much order and rhythmic flow in creation for all that to result from random chance and unguarded motion! They may disagree on the existence, essence and nature of the Creator but, they certainly agree that “everything in creation must obey a law”
Thus, despite the discordant views, there is an overwhelming consensus on the existence of pristine, natural laws in Creation; irrespective of the space, substantiality and reality the individual/group deals with! The laws are only given different nomenclatures and concepts according to the individual/group’s realities! Therefore, call them scientific laws, cosmic laws, laws of nature, universal laws, transcendental laws, laws of Creation, the laws of God or any other designation, you are merely referring to the same laws from different perspectives! Naturally some perspectives are wider and more comprehensive than others; for instance, the esoteric perspective is far wider than the scientific perspective!
Let us stay with the most comprehensive perspective which considers these laws as the expression of the Will of a sublime, ego-conscious Supreme Intelligence or, Light-Cause! This Light-Cause is generally encapsulated in the Holy name, God and is radiantly enthroned above all the worlds, eternal, all knowing, all reaching and absolutely just!
As the direct expressions of the Cause’s Will, (for easy appreciation, let us from now on say God’s Will) the Laws of Creation are also eternal, perfect, adamantine and all-embracing! Unlike man made laws, regulations and norms, they are not only effective in the physical, astral, ethereal or indeed spiritual alone! Rather, as the Volition and Word of God, they transcend space and time, permeating everywhere: in the Heavens, earth and down to the very pits of Hell; and from eternity to eternity!
Hence the designation, Eternal Laws of Creation or, for short, Eternal Laws!
Today’s piece is only the introduction of a 6-Part discussion! In the series we shall look at what the sages and knowing ones say about Eternal Laws, identify and discuss the laws individually, examine how they impact on natural bonding, reincarnation, fate, spiritual maturity, free will, reward and punishment, etc.
Welcome aboard as we explore the fundamentals of the Eternal Laws of Creation!

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