Easter Bells……..a call to reawakening for all human spirits!


 EASTER……a festival for all!

Photo Credit: Photos of Enlightenment on Facebook

This week, we join our Christian brothers and sisters in celebrating Easter Festival. This festival is considered the high point of the Christian religion as it touches directly on the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose message forms the pillar of Christianity.

We join other seekers for Truth in reflecting on the significance of Christ’s life and mission; His death, resurrection and redemption work:
1. Was Christ’s work of redemption solely to lay down His life and with His precious blood wash away our sins? Does salvation lie only in His death and blood? If so, all we have to do for our salvation, is accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior and ‘’cast all our guilt upon Him; for He has redeemed us and by His wounds we are healed.’’

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2 thoughts on “Easter Bells……..a call to reawakening for all human spirits!

  1. Well I think, and this is just my opinion, and I certainly do not claim know the truth, that when Jesus said: “Salvation goes through me” (or I don’t know the exact words in English, I only have a Norwegian Bible and this is the direct translation), He meant that salvation goes through Love, because He said during the Last supper that, if we forget everything else he said, it’s okay, as long as we remember to “Love each other like I have you loved you”. So in my personal interpretation “salvation” or Nirvana or Moksha is found in Love, for God is Love, and all paths lead to Him, no matter where the path has come from. But it all remains a mystery, something for us to ponder over, and find our own take on, but isn’t it wonderfully exciting to try to solve the mystery!! ? :-)


    • That’s the mystery we all have to personally solve; that’s the main purpose of life, finding our way back to the Light! Those who criticize, malign and bicker about the various paths only waste their time while those who quietly go about their seeking alert and with open minds eventually solve the mystery! But, one thing is certain, this journey cannot be competed in one earthlife! Always grateful for your thoughts. Thanks!


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