Random thoughts…….the sages are also here!

Photo Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gobin,_Michel_-_Young_Man_with_a_Candle_-_1681.jpg

We seek wisdom in caves, monasteries; in records and sages of old while ignoring the wise ones in our midst! They first need to pass on and become history before we value their words! At best, they need to be attired in cassock, hood, saffron and other  ‘sacred robes’ and live abstemious lives before we value their words!
This I realized last weekend when I took time to go through old posts of friends who have not been active for some time! I was amazed at the wealth of wisdom and inspiration circulating within my small circle of friends and by implication, the Worpress platform!
Daily we hasten through new posts trying to read as many as possible with no time for reflection! We thereby trample underfoot pearls of wisdom shared by present-day great minds!
The old prophets, sages, gurus, seers and called ones we draw so much inspiration from are back here with us! The once promised intense circling and dispensing of the Light are in full gear and Light ‘bearers’ are actively working every single minute unrecognized! Unrecognized because they live normal everyday lives in suits, skirts/blouse and traditional work/leisure clothes! Nothing outlandish; no queer manner of expression and haircuts!
History is repeating itself in grand style here! Only future generations will appreciate their work and words; only future generations will celebrate the Socrates, Platos, Christs, sages, prophets, gurus and seers we now pay no attention to!
For me and you, we will continue to rummage the archives and monasteries; we will continue to look up to the ‘old time religion’ for inspiration while ignoring the Beacons of our times!
The beautiful ones are also here with us!


11 thoughts on “Random thoughts…….the sages are also here!

  1. Great post — I, too, worry that I’m not spending enough time with my fellow bloggers. So many perspectives, so much information, so much wisdom … and we race through it all. I also worry – what would happen if all this info were lost forever – because we share our info in bits and bytes. We should take the time to print our best posts – just to make sure we have something *concrete* to pass along. Just in case.

    anyway — I ramble — this is a great post. :)


    • You’re right, I sometimes wonder too what’s going to happen to all my blogging efforts in future; already there are old vintage posts that are hardly read these days! Your suggestion of having them in book form is a sure way out…I’ll find time and do just that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great weekend! Warm regards!


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