Happiness Day!


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On July 12, 2012 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed March 20 the International Day of Happiness in recognition of “the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives.”
Since then many nations and organizations have keyed in to specially remind the world that happiness is a necessary ingredient of life that should be recognized and reflected in public policies! The whole idea was fashioned after the famous Bhutan Kingdom’s policy of “Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product”; a policy which recognizes the supremacy of national happiness over national income!
On the individual level we are reminded that real happiness comes from within as the earthly ego’s reflection of what the inner being, the ‘I AM’ in us, the spirit, experiences as bliss! On the other hand, we are also reminded that where happiness is not the result of the vibrations of the inner being then it becomes an inferior feeling of indulgence and physical sense gratification similar to what a glutton feels after a rich meal!
The noble striving for maturity and spiritual bliss such as is perpetually experienced in the Luminous Realms of Light are the very purport of life! Happiness, joy and bliss are truly necessary ingredients of life!
How then can the human spirit obtain bliss? This is the question that has agitated the minds of many over the ages and even now elicits as many answers and theories as there are human beings!
But, today is not about theories but, action! It is about being happy and making others happy! In the words of Happiness International, it is about “encouraging people to make a “Happiness Day Resolution” by choosing one action supporting their happiness to continue developing over the coming year”
On a deeper level, the day is about working on our thoughts as the agents of happiness! As a Light Envoys enjoins us:

“Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, by so doing you will bring peace and be happy!”

Have great Happiness Day dear, friends!

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11 thoughts on “Happiness Day!

  1. Funny, I didn’t catch on to it much at first, but I guess Pharrell got me hooked and when I started reading the report, watching videos etc I was totally hooked. It’s quite an interesting concept and not as trivial as I first thought, and certainly focuses on values and our spiritual wellbeing!


  2. Thank you for liking “Spring Is Here!” I have not heard of the International Day of Happiness before, and I enjoyed learning more about it. It also happens to fall on the same day as the first day of spring. :)


    • Yes initially I wrote about both events but seeing that the social media were awash with the spring event, I felt that the spring event may overshadow the Happiness Day. So, I left out the spring part! Thanks for sharing your thoughts; warm regards!


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