Blog Awards are like Hugs; they deserve some appreciation!

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Awards are like hugs and nominations are like out-stretched arms for a warm embrace! Once someone offers you one, courtesy demands that you also reach out or, at least, tone it down to a handshake; unless, you have serious issues with the person!
I would consider it an embarrassment if my open arms are ignored or spurned! Unfortunately, there’s hardly a month I do not ignore nominations from my friends which, if you ask me, smacks of embarrassing them! I got the sad hint last week when a friend nominated me and was full of appreciation for my work, only to end on the sober note:
“If you don’t accept it, I’ll understand”!
That triggered an alarm bell! I could immediately recall that this was not the first nomination from this guy and, this was not the tone of a happy friend! I’m therefore going back to the early days of this blog! Every single nomination will be acknowledged with a thank-you post and a partial fulfillment of the award conditions! Partial, since I may not send out nominations because I’ve lost count of my “No awards here, please” friends out there!
Rather, I’d use the opportunity to honor friends who as beacons of light and enlightenment, are breathing positive energies into the hearts of their fellow humans and the entire Universe through their blogs! With few words and images these bloggers who resonate with the vibrations of the Light in Creation, have spread more wisdom, blessings and inspiration than many a pulpit and temple…..freely without an ‘offering’ box for appreciation! The least I can do is mention them in special dedications!
So, if every now and then you find thank-you posts and, if they appear too frequent for your comfort, please bear with me! Like I said, awards are long distance hugs and like sincere friendly hugs they transmit pure energy and engender good, uplifting feelings! The least I can do is show appreciation!


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7 thoughts on “Blog Awards are like Hugs; they deserve some appreciation!

  1. I can understand bloggers who do not accept awards. I did a post Share a gift about this. And, I agree with you about accepting.
    I am a blogger so I accepted the whole thing right from the start. There will be good and bad comments, spam, awards, links, even illegal copycats. The best solution for the one giving awards is to make a list of those accepting. That’s what I do.
    As to those not accepting, I make it a point to comment on posts. Comments are also like awards. You spent time in the site, read and interact.


    • Talking about hugs and and blessings suddenly remind me of you belsbror and The Philippines about this time last year! Oh, how time flies and the world seems to forget the tragedy so soon! I join you all in spirit during the remembrance events! Best wishes for strength and divine providence!


  2. I have not forgotten those days. I appreciate every word said back then. (I am in an overhaul of the site so I have read old comments once more.) My heartfelt thanks.
    We are a resilient people. We will stand up again and again. :)


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