Profound Love Quote #9…..Tones of true love!

Credit: Photo and text by Joseph Romanella on Facebook

The personal ego can only offer someone
a poor semblance of love, because its nature
is basically selfish. – That is why there have
always been many discords & issues in human
relationships & that kind of love can even
turn into hatred overnight. In contrast,

True Love is a Gift of the Holy Spirit of Truth &
is the kindling of the all consuming flame
Of “I AM,” inside of the receptive hearts of
believers and seekers. – It is God in us Knowing
& Loving His Own Self – Expression (Son) in
others hearts unconditionally



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14 thoughts on “Profound Love Quote #9…..Tones of true love!

  1. Hihi, it seems everyone is writing about Love today!! How extraordinarily wonderful!! :-) Even I wrote about love today, but in a little simpler child-like way :-) Lovely post!! :-)


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