If it doesn’t sound like me, it is not from me!

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PUBLIC NOTICE: If it doesn’t speak love, it is not the voice of Purplerays!
Until very recently I’d been confused by the contradicting tones of the comments of some friends! One moment, they are sharing their insights and politely expressing their reservations about my views; another moment they come out brash, out of context and somewhat abusive! Why the discordant tones; are my posts that discordant to attract such divergent reactions?
As a rule, no dirty arguments; I approve and respond to the positive comments and trash the insulting ones!
Please don’t get me wrong! I am open to and gladly welcome critical and opposing reactions to my posts! I consider all such as friendly advice and helpful suggestions, so long as the language is civil! Also, it’s just that with time you get to associate your blog friends with a high level of decorum; it comes with the feeling that flows from their essays, pictures, videos, comments, etc. Real positive vibes such that you can hardly expect anything unjustly insulting!
Nevertheless, the confusion continued until…
Last week, the uncommon happened! A regular reader and friend sent in two opposing opinions on a post! That kind of got me thinking; is it that she changed her mind later and became comfortable with the post? If so, why not make reference to the first comment? Why sound nice and friendly after an earlier bashing on the some post? Many questions; and to find answers I sent her a direct mail seeking explanations!
A few hours ago, her eye-opening reply came in: Yes, she wrote the second comment; but no, she had nothing to do with the first! She could not have reacted so shortsightedly and negatively to a post she loved. Her apologies were profuse and almost overboard!
She alluded to the possibility of hacking, unauthorized access and stuff like that! She capped it all with:

“…..if a comment is not fair, just and rational, it is not from me, even if it is supposed to come from my blog and bears my picture, ID or, signature!”

Could same be happening to me out there? That’s why I have to come out with this quick NOTICE!
Dear friends and readers, just in case hate comments are making the rounds out there in the name of this blog, please ignore; they definitely cannot come from me!
The voice of Purplerays heals, comforts, enlightens and inspires! That is the mission and spirit behind the blog! Anything short of this does not originate from this platform!
If it does not sound like me, it is not from me!


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37 thoughts on “If it doesn’t sound like me, it is not from me!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I wonder how you fix something like that? It’s sad that people will hack a blog for the purpose of spreading negativity. Don’t they have better things to do with their time?


  2. I read your post with great interest. I hope WordPress works harder to prevent this kind of confusion from proliferating. My code is clear: if my comment, even if I have the best of interest in mind, will not sound constructive and objective, I don’t send it.
    Hope you overcome this problem quickly.


    • I guess so, I’ve changed my blog password and other security data! I had this lazy habit of using one password for my blog and other social media. Just changed all that today! Thanks for your encouraging words!


  3. Oh wow. This is awful. Everything you have said to me has been loving, Purplerays! I will be on the lookout for what you describe here. Is this world not hurting enough without some to bring their ugliness to sites that only speak of Light and of Love? No matter what our “eyes” see, Love IS victorious in ALL things! xxooAmy


  4. My friend, it is very good as you alerted the public because of people that have not know your write-up. Your writing has been very encouraging and inspiring. God will bring His judgement against those taking part in such act. Why must someone wake up in the morning and the only thing he can think about is how to degrade the reputation of others. The person can only try to deceive we humans but not God who will judge each and everyone according to our own deeds.
    Take it easy my friend because we have a God who is still on His throne who sees the heart of everybody. Have a most blessed weekend.


  5. What a bizarre thing to have happen, and as such this is an important message! Purplerays you are always loving. :) And I agree… if anyone sees my yellow rose but the message is not supportive and based in love, it’s not from me!


  6. Thank you for the notice. I believe you have a troll in your midst. They are on the internet to cause mayhem and disruption. They say the meanest things … and I guess it feeds their own need to feel more powerful…. but it is very upsetting to be at the other end.
    Trust your instincts and your heart.


  7. Thank you for this info. Another site I follow was hacked. This is very scary. I’ve notice some odd things with my sight and different tones from commenters. Curious, Have you contacted wordpress? I’m going to repost on my blogs too.


    • No, I’ve not contacted WordPress, especially with the encounter/revelation with my friend and tons of advice in reaction to the post. I have taken some steps to secure my end particularly with my password which was the same for my emails and social media and in use for the past five years! Thanks for sharing your concerns and spreading the word so that we don’t misjudge our friends. Cheers!


  8. Reblogged this on Jubilee Journey and commented:
    It seems there may be a troll out there. A few people have been having issues and my have had their blogs hacked or invaded. If anyone receives a negative comment from me…it wasn’t. If I feel strongly enough against something you’ve said i’ll contact you by email. I’m against all things negative and will not tolerate it in my blog or my comments. If you’ve received a negative comment from me please contact me.


  9. This was a suspensful post, like a Hitch’s thriller! And the great sentence: if it doesn’s sound like me, it’s not me – it is going to become part of my vocabulary from now on!
    And I can say in advance: if you ever get anything rude signed by me – it is not me! :-)
    Have a nice spring sunday morning!


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