Women’s Day! A day to remember!

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The 8th of March is the International Women’s Day!
The UN has declared “inspiring change” as this year’s theme for the Day! Let us, in our different ways, inspire the change that would honor woman as the Jewel she was created and destined to be…….at least we owe our mothers that much!

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8 thoughts on “Women’s Day! A day to remember!

  1. All women who walk the face of this earth and survive the discrimination and assaults against female children and women of all ages, are to be celebrated today.
    We have the power to change and no, means no!!


    • Absolutely true and the change must start now! We cannot continue the hypocrisy of ‘fighting’ slavery in public yet subjecting women to conditions akin to slavery in our homes and cultures! Thanks for your insightful thoughts!


  2. Thank you so much!! It is already women’s day here!! And this day makes so much more sense here in India. In Norway we don’t really celebrate at all, but here in India, a day like this is NEEDED! So I am off now to publish my women’s day speech :-) I don’t mean to advertise for my own blog, but I especially wanted you to read it! :-) Thank you so much for all you have done to spread awareness of this day!


    • Thanks, I’m looking forward to your speech and please anytime you feature a special post or, indeed any post you think I may have missed, please draw my attention to it! Consider it as sharing not advertising! More so, because of the differences in time zones, I tend to skip some late night posts! Have a great day and weekend! Cheers!


    • It sure will come, all it takes is individual personal commitment in family life to free women from artificially imposed shackles! The overall government laws and policies only reflect the collective minds of the people! The day will come, maybe not in this generation but the freedom of women all over the world will come: in the end good will always triumphs over evil!


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