Happy New Month!

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Welcome to March, the month that was once the first month of the year! If we were to roll back the clock, we would be wishing ourselves Happy New Year right now and popping New Year crackers! Well, we cannot in 2014 of the Julian calendar! If it’s any consolation, the month marks the real beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and this year, it is ushered in by the new moon Pisces! Generally, the Pisces domain is known for the cosmic urge for letting go of society/ego needs and going back to the Source…… the urge for Thy Will be done!
March comes with its special birth flower, birthstones, myths, festivals, anniversaries and observances! However, we are dedicating the month’s greetings to an important event coming up on the 8th: The International Women’s Day!
Befittingly, the UN has declared “inspiring change” as this year’s theme for the Day!
We pray for change in the plight of the dehumanized women in countries like India where their female children are senselessly murdered even in embryo with the full connivance of family members!
We pray for change in sub-Saharan Africa where women are denied basic human rights and can only gain some form of respect as appendages of a husband: human beings to be seen and not heard!
We hope for change in countries and religions that profess and orchestrate gender equality but, in reality only grant women conditioned equality and freedom as ‘the weaker sex’!
We hope for change in the attitude of the majority of women; for more and more women to live up to their divinely ordained responsibilities as earthly representatives of the great species of womanhood in Creation! Responsibilities which have little or nothing to do with coquetry and making oneself appealing to men! Rather, as profoundly stated in The Grail Message “In The Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin, the woman who recognizes that:

“She came into existence in order to absorb the radiations of the Light without hindrance, and to pass them on in the purest way to the man as well as to her particular surroundings…….
Thus they (women) were meant to be a steadying and supporting influence to the wanderers, to offer upliftment and strength through their being, and to keep open the connection to the Light, the Prime Source of all Life!
They could have already turned this earth into a Paradise in the World of Gross Matter, swinging joyously in the purest Will of the Almighty!”

Happy New Month dear friends! Special greetings to our ‘March Babies’. May your birthdays mark the flow of even greater things into your lives! Happy Birthdays!

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8 thoughts on “Happy New Month!

  1. Thank for this! Yes, India, where I live, needs change badly! Not only when it comes to murdering female embryos, but just the general attitude towards women. Forced arranged marriage has to stop! All these rapes has to stop! The negative role of the woman and the girl in the family has to stop! I give heartily thanks to you for encouraging this prayer, I will certainly join you! Thank you so much!


  2. Thank you for liking “Powerful Verticality” and for reminding me that spring is coming in March! :)
    I also share in your prayer that women in India and other parts of the world will stop suffering abusive treatment because they are not valued by the societies they live in.


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