Who is preaching the Truth…….the water glass wisdom #1

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I cannot remember where I read this story or, the form it was presented! My apologies therefore for not being able to credit the source and for any inaccuracies in rendering:
A modern day Spiritual Teacher had just delivered a lecture; as soon as he opened the floor for questions from his Seekers audience, the hall came alive with an avalanche of questions! It was as if every answer he proffered elicited even more questions!
At one point, a lady popped up a very intriguing question, “Which religion teaches the Truth?”
The Wise One requested for a glass of clean water, slowly drank the water to the last drop and placed the glass conspicuously on a pedestal!
He stared at the glass for some time apparently deep in thought thus, inducing the audience to join him in gazing at the glass with bathed breath! A serene atmosphere prevailed!
After what seemed like hours to the Seekers, the Wise One cleared his throat and spoke in measured tone:

“During pre-school age a little boy was taught by his loving mother that a glass like this is empty!
A few years later, his elementary school teacher told the child, “The glass you call empty, is filled with air!”
Much later in high school, the adolescent youth was taught that the glass actually contains more gases than those of the usual atmospheric ‘air’ earlier mentioned to him!
And in the university, when the young man had the opportunity, he asked about the “empty glass”! His bespectacled professor explained that there is a whole world in the glass: innumerable gases, water vapor, light waves, audio-visual waves and signals; ground and inter planetary emanations and gravitational energies and much more; all swirling, vibrating, oscillating and radiating at astronomical speeds! In addition, there could be tons of microscopic living organisms floating or crawling within the glass”

The Wise one then paused, turned to face his listeners and asked:

“Who among the mother, the elementary school teacher, the high school teacher and University lecturer, is right?”

A pin-drop silence ensued as each Seeker struggled inwardly to find the right words for his/her thoughts, while the Knowing One looked on almost bemused!
Before we continue with the story, I also want to throw it to you, my dear friends:
Who told the child the truth?


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14 thoughts on “Who is preaching the Truth…….the water glass wisdom #1

    • S’il vous plaît ne pas réagir de cette façon, juste vous assurer que votre eau est propre et c’est tout! Les éléments invisibles dans le verre ne sont pas différents de l’air que vous respirez!
      Le véritable message dans le post est de montrer comment les opinions humaines sur une situation particulière peuvent être si différentes et comment chaque personne pense son opinion est la meilleure et la vérité absolue alors qu’ils ne connaissent qu’une partie de la vérité! Merci pour partager vos pensées et s’il vous plaît lire la deuxième partie du post! Cheers!


      • C’est difficile pour moi d’exprimer mon ressenti à dire que je n’avais jamais pensé qu’un verre d’eau contenait autant d’éléments utile à notre santé j’ai vu cela et pas le véritable message que dans le post. Je vous prie de bien vouloir m’en excusé si j’ai pu réagir à ma propre compréhension.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I hadn’t come across this story before… I find it really helpful to understand more about that concept that there are many facets to truth; and that if we are seeking truth, we should be careful not to become attached to just one facet of it and reject the others. It reminds me of the story of the three blind men who come across an elephant and argue about what the elephant is like … ‘a rope’, ‘no, a tree’, ‘no, a carpet’ … when they are feeling the trunk, the leg and the ear… And it also reminds me of this quote which I really like: “Man must be a lover of the light, no matter from what dayspring it may appear. He must be a lover of the rose, no matter in what soil it may be growing. He must be a seeker of the truth, no matter from what source it come.” All the best

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